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Since its establishment in the 90’s, ALC College has grown strength to strength....

About ALC

Since its establishment in the 90’s ALC College has grown strength to become a reputable tertiary education center by winning numerous world award for its accountancy and business programmes. The institution operates with an aim to be distinctive by offering comprehensive real world industry experiences and exposure entrepreneurial coaching for its student through a combination of talented pool of experienced teaching force with more than 10 years of teaching as well as industry experience.

Due to its strategic nature and entrepreneurial network in recent years, the college has expanded far beyond its original remit and currently its profile of academic programmes of study also includes: Accountancy, Business Studies, Hotel Management, English Language and Information Technology. With our world-class education partners in United Kingdom, students have the opportunity to embark on quality UK undergraduate and postgraduate programme with the option of being able to complete part of their studies overseas which allows them to be exposed to global cultures and opportunities. Our students are able to pursue a high quality education at affordable fees in an environment which emphasize on friendliness professionalism as well as respect for individuals. As we believe, that education is not solely a process of delivering subject material alone but rather it must be a holistic approach of educating developing positive thinking ,peer - cooperation among student and nation building which fulfills ALC’s motto -* Creating Future Leader’s Our Students Council strives to organize various fun extracurricular activities among the student to cultivate and holistic attitude which form integral part of their life at ALC.

The newly built ALC Campus is equipped with modern state-of-art facilities, which accommodate student’s needs by providing them an enjoyable stay. Here students would be able to learn in a working environment which provides them hands-on experience. This will equip the students with the relevant skills that complement to their academic knowledge.

At ALC we believe in delivering ‘education at heart’. It has been always about contributing back to the society. The institution has taken part in numerous corporate social responsibility programmes that had helped benefit the society at large. We also provide annual scholarship and bursary award for students who are intending to embark on their studies in 2015, which are now open for application.

The institution has a long term mission to ensure that it provides a comprehensive learning environment; henceforward further investment plans and developments are ongoing to undertake significant projects of building and modernization in the coming years which will include an environmentally friendly campus that can be relished by students, staff the community and visitors alike.

Pay us a visit today if you are looking forward to embark on an extraordinary voyage which provides education in a new dimension, a class of its own where it becomes a new experience all together.


To be a respected and highly recognised organisation promoting education internationally.


To create an environment conductive for teaching and learning, thus realising the full potential within students and staff whilst enabling positive global community.

Datuk Wira Jalilah Baba

Datuk Wira Jalilah Baba

Datuk Wira Jalilah Baba is known for crafting the Strategic Vision to achieve organizational goals in promoting Malaysia as the premier investment destination. She was the former Director General and CEO of Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA). Datuk was appointed as the Director General and CEO of MIDA on 15th of June 2008 after holding various prominent roles in the Malaysia Government.

Datuk is one of the top economists in the country with expertise in handling investment related matters especially in FDI (Foreign Direct Investment),tax matters and high impact incentives packages while being a reference Centre on economics and investment matters. She was appointed as PKT Group Chairman on 5th of September 2011. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from University of Malaya. She has vast experience and expertise in investment promotion, international investment economics, finance, government procedures and regulations governing issues such as tariffs, customs, free zones, warehousing and logistics, etc. from her tenure of service of 30 years in Malaysia investment Development Authority (*MIDA*). Datuk is currently a Board Member of RHB Capital Berhad, Education Malaysia Global Services and a member of the international Advisory.

Professor Dato’ Michael Tio

Professor Dato’ Michael Tio

Message From Managing Director

Challenges do not mark the end. Challenges differentiate the average from the truly outstanding. Greetings and thank you for choosing ALC College as your education partner. I am certain that this journey that you are embarking on is going to be the most significant and crucial crossroad for every student, that will eventually mould your future.

“Susah susah dahulu, senang senang kemudian” is my personal advice to all students because there is no easy way or short cuts in anything we do in life. To be successful, one must be focused on their goals and only with sheer hard work will it definitely pay off.

Today, with the shining new branch campus, The Lighthouse at PKT Logistics Group’s corporate headquarters situated along KESAS Highway, ALC College stands ready to equip all students who graduate here with on-site training on a day-to-day basis. I have always believed that “if doctors could be taught in a hospital, why not future logisticians in a top logistics centre”.

This belief drove me to build this Lighthouse campus within my logistics hub, so that all students could have direct access to the latest technologies, methods and state-of-art equipment while studying here. ALC College Is also Part Of PKT Logistic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) foray into education, which is my dream to make every graduate that comes on board with us highly marketable and sought after in this industry.

With numerous challenging moments I every student’s future, it is my dream and belief that all of the graduates will be fully ready to conquer all challenges, outshine the rest to be the best. As I have posted on my Facebook, “Don’t look near, look far. You will see the beauty of everything that’s happening”, I believe that by bearing this in mind and cultivating a lifelong learning spirit, a bright future beckons for all of you.

Lastly, I would like to share my philosophy with all students

Dream of it. Talk about it. Plan for it. Work on it. GET IT.

Edmund Edward

Edmund Edward

Message From CEO

Welcome to ALC College.

We are delighted that you have chosen ALC College as your Place of learning as you embark on your life journey to achieve a successful vocation or career. We hope that we can impart a programme of study and life skills development that will exceed your expectations, and we look forward to sharing your successes into the future.

We strongly believe in assisting students obtain quality credentials and strive on preparing graduates to meet the challenges of 21st century in the wake of globalization. ALC has experienced significant growth since its establishment in 1997 as Advances Learning Centre offering professional has come a long way and build an excellent reputation and track record as one of the top private institution in Klang valley providing high quality and affordable academic programmes.

At ALC College we offer a broad range of academic programmes ranging from Diploma, Degree and Masters and we also collaborate with reputable foreign professional bodies and universities. All our programmes are approved by Malaysian Qualification Agency and the Ministry of Education Malaysia and relevant renowned accreditation agencies of the respective foreign professional bodies and universities.

Our mission has always been to been to been to create an excellent teaching and learning environment for our students to realise their full potential thus enabling them to contribute positively to a global environment. I am proud to note here that our newly built “Lighthouse Campus” will provide facilities to create a hub for academic knowledge in a modern environment.

We are committed to the development of future leaders who not only aspire to achieve academic excellence but also to nurture them the values that build strong. Confident, well-balanced characters, industrial-driven and employable graduates. We always encourage our students to be the best and to have the COURAGE to believe in themselves and their dreams.

At ALC, we strive for excellence and encourage you to excel at you studies and urge you to participate in our ongoing events and activities that we offer to you as a platform for your hopes, dreams and ambitions. I am confident that you decision to pursue you study at ALC College will be rewarding; your journey with us will lead you to acquire the knowledge and skills to attain your desired career aspiration. Join us now to realize you dreams. “If life is a race set the pace”.

I would like to extend a personal invitation to visit us at our campus and join the vibrant and dynamic group of students. I am confident that you would be delighted to be part of our institution that will mould your future.


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